Gingival Depigmentation

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Gingival pigmentation is a major concern for a large number of patients visiting the dentist.  This can be a natural occurrence or can result after certain dental procedures. The gingiva is the most frequently pigmented intraoral tissue, with the highest rate observed in the area of the incisors (front teeth), but other oral tissues can also be affected. The area(s) of gum tissue affected by hyper pigmentation may appear black, brown, or blue in color.

Melanin hyper pigmentation, sometimes known as racial pigmentation, usually does not present as a medical problem, but patients may complain about the anesthetic appearance of their gum tissue.

An amalgam tattoo can result after certain dental procedures. It can result when amalgam filling material becomes impregnated in the gingival tissues. Patients may object to its appearance if it is in an esthetic area.

Both forms of hyper pigmentation can be treated to eliminate the hyper pigmentation or at least reduce the pigmentation to improve the appearance of the gingival tissues. Often times, treatment can be completed utilizing a specialized laser, the PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse™ Nd:YAG laser. Dr. Jon Flynn has completed extensive training in the use of this laser.  This simple and relatively painless procedure can dramatically improve the appearance of hyper pigmented areas.  Below are before and after photos of a case treated in our office.

In some cases of amalgam tattoo, where the pigmentation is deep within the tissue, a surgical procedure may be recommended to remove the affected tissue and place a tissue graft to repair the area and restore a more natural appearance to the gingival tissue.  This is usually not necessary for melanin (racial) hyper pigmentation.

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Patient's mouth before gingival depigmentationPatient's mouth after gingival depigmentation